Alberto Arreola


Alberto Arreola earned $23,931 in 2017 as a Clerk Iv for Cook County County Clerk Election Div.Fund. Arreola had worked in this position since February 06, 2017.

Arreola earned more than 38.50% of employees in Cook County County Clerk Election Div.Fund.

Other Clerk Ivs at Cook County County Clerk Election Div.Fund

Name Position Salary Start Date
Nicholas Nardi Clerk Iv $27,010 08-01-2016
Kewana D. Johnson Clerk Iv $22,561 03-27-2017
Tenzin Yangdon Kheshong Clerk Iv $21,966 02-06-2017
Sabirat Umar Clerk Iv $20,114 02-06-2017
Montego Cason Clerk Iv $17,389 N/A
Brenda L Anderson Clerk Iv $13,660 N/A
James Alphonse Clerk Iv $13,446 N/A
Panagiotis G. Tserotas Clerk Iv $13,149 N/A
Dynisha Holmes Clerk Iv $13,113 N/A
Trina S Mobley Clerk Iv $12,628 N/A
Dwight C. Williams Clerk Iv $12,561 N/A
Juanita M Coward Clerk Iv $12,363 N/A
Pamela A Leclercq Clerk Iv $11,958 N/A
Kimberley Gooden Clerk Iv $11,555 N/A
Arturo Martinez Clerk Iv $10,057 08-25-2017
Afolabi Awobona Clerk Iv $9,836 N/A
Earlean Osborne Clerk Iv $9,301 N/A
Gumero Grisby Clerk Iv $8,977 N/A
Duane M Herring Clerk Iv $8,482 N/A
Kelvin D. Mcclain Clerk Iv $7,851 N/A
Carol Granja Clerk Iv $7,421 N/A
Cornelia Gates Clerk Iv $7,052 12-04-2017
Shamara Steele Clerk Iv $7,052 12-04-2017
Billy K. Holmes Clerk Iv $7,037 N/A
Renne Chavez Clerk Iv $6,768 N/A
Ryan A. Flennoy Clerk Iv $5,222 12-04-2017
Ashley N. Fitzpatrick Clerk Iv $5,025 11-28-2017
Ana Montenegro Clerk Iv $4,646 N/A
David Tenorio Clerk Iv $4,525 N/A
Ashari M Smith Clerk Iv $4,455 N/A
Tatianna Williams Clerk Iv $4,410 N/A
Constance Grayson Clerk Iv $4,261 N/A
Crystal Grayson Clerk Iv $4,261 N/A
Toni Robertson Clerk Iv $4,128 N/A
Antonia Mitchell Clerk Iv $4,123 N/A
Denise Thomas Clerk Iv $3,954 N/A
Renato Hinojosa Clerk Iv $3,932 N/A
Ruby A. Roach Clerk Iv $3,847 N/A
Lavonda Smith Clerk Iv $3,542 N/A
Adebajo O Balogun Clerk Iv $3,302 N/A
Guadalupe Mayoral Clerk Iv $3,269 N/A
London J. Smith Clerk Iv $3,248 N/A
Willie Penn Clerk Iv $3,155 N/A
Lavedia S Rice Clerk Iv $2,994 N/A
Jerome Giddens Jr. Clerk Iv $2,961 N/A
Kenneth Prokop Clerk Iv $2,813 N/A
Sharon M. Austin Clerk Iv $2,548 N/A
Christopher Jackson Clerk Iv $2,409 N/A
Kimaley R Shed Clerk Iv $2,374 N/A
Nikiyah Earnest Clerk Iv $2,273 N/A
John Holcomb Clerk Iv $2,176 N/A
Leslie Mccarroll Clerk Iv $2,065 11-28-2017
Juanda Mccarroll Clerk Iv $2,065 11-28-2017
Mary Barney Clerk Iv $2,065 11-28-2017
Timetra Adams Clerk Iv $2,065 11-28-2017
Armani Cooper Clerk Iv $2,008 11-28-2017
Carolyn Hicks Clerk Iv $1,957 11-28-2017
Deshawn Nunez Clerk Iv $1,945 11-29-2017
Khalil Farhan Clerk Iv $1,899 11-28-2017
Marcela Sanchez Clerk Iv $1,876 11-28-2017
Tamika Tucker Clerk Iv $1,849 11-30-2017
Denise Rutledge Clerk Iv $1,794 11-28-2017
Margo L King Clerk Iv $1,781 N/A
Leonard Powe Clerk Iv $1,745 N/A
Jacqueline Diaz Clerk Iv $1,680 11-30-2017
Shondresa Grisby Clerk Iv $1,632 12-04-2017
Carmencita Kennedy Clerk Iv $1,618 12-04-2017
Michele Delacruz Clerk Iv $1,534 11-29-2017
Emerline V Jones Clerk Iv $1,364 N/A
Paul Brown Clerk Iv $1,239 N/A
Christin Deloach Clerk Iv $1,047 N/A

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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