Aquilla L Sims


Aquilla L Sims earned $24,184 in 2017 as a Dishwasher for Winnebago County Rvr Blff Dietary. Sims had worked in this position since April 15, 2012.

Sims earned more than 76.36% of employees in Winnebago County Rvr Blff Dietary.

Other Dishwashers at Winnebago County Rvr Blff Dietary

Name Position Salary Start Date
Paula M Flores Dishwasher $32,738 10-08-2010
Michelle R Huff Dishwasher $26,439 03-29-2015
Samantha D Stephenson Dishwasher $25,851 04-10-2016
Jennifer E Casarotto Dishwasher $25,756 04-12-2016
Timothy A Bartsch Dishwasher $22,601 02-28-2016
Jaymes J Bock Dishwasher $21,874 05-08-2016
Cierra J Lewis Dishwasher $21,239 10-25-2015
Remigio Hernandez Dishwasher $18,974 02-14-2017
Tisha M Dismuke Dishwasher $16,622 09-20-2016
Natalia T Haney Dishwasher $15,604 04-11-2017
Shawntevon D Lewis Dishwasher $15,002 04-25-2017
Ebonie C Forrest Dishwasher $14,798 04-11-2017
Kelsey L Montgomery Dishwasher $13,121 05-31-2016
Jessica M Delong Dishwasher $12,200 06-21-2016
Timothy A Dismuke Dishwasher $11,376 06-13-2017
Jessica L Villarreal Dishwasher $10,674 12-06-2016
Chantay L Kilpatrick Dishwasher $7,778 07-30-2017
Eirinique L Monroe Dishwasher $7,508 01-01-2017
Tree-Lece S Darden Dishwasher $7,058 07-25-2017
Jasna Magazin Dishwasher $5,999 09-12-2017
Rodney L Martin Dishwasher $3,853 06-15-2016
Stephanie J Skarr Dishwasher $2,446 11-07-2017
Amari A Burns Dishwasher $2,130 02-14-2017
Renita D Barfield Dishwasher $2,073 05-23-2017
Julie A Coleman Dishwasher $1,724 08-18-2015
Samantha A Shelton Dishwasher $1,706 01-15-2017
Jamie M Harvey Dishwasher $1,310 11-08-2016
Kristiana A Dunn Dishwasher $1,147 02-14-2017
Torynn A Danielewicz Dishwasher $953 10-31-2017
Monique E Love Dishwasher $428 08-08-2017
Onansis Davenport Dishwasher $310 11-07-2017
Janice S Cooley Dishwasher $146 02-28-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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