Athelia Boles


Athelia Boles earned $2,071 in 2017 as a Crossing Guard for Lansing PD Crossing Guards. Boles had worked in this position since August 23, 2017.

Boles earned more than 13.16% of employees in Lansing PD Crossing Guards.

Other Crossing Guards at Lansing PD Crossing Guards

Name Position Salary Start Date
Christi A Metzger Crossing Guard $7,042 08-19-1991
Van Modrzejewski Crossing Guard $6,704 08-25-2003
Susan L Ortega Crossing Guard $6,044 09-06-1993
Ellen L Greene Crossing Guard $5,910 08-12-2015
Gwen L Christenberry Crossing Guard $5,871 08-26-1994
Wendy B Huskey Crossing Guard $5,743 04-11-2011
William Dennis Corbett Crossing Guard $5,397 03-08-2016
Edward C Kwasny Crossing Guard $5,332 09-15-1999
Gary J Wortel Crossing Guard $5,291 09-15-2006
Jovanka Cuckovich Crossing Guard $5,240 08-19-2005
Sandra Ann Brown Crossing Guard $5,209 02-13-2007
Patricia Marie Grod Crossing Guard $5,041 09-07-2016
Neda Beev Crossing Guard $4,920 11-17-1999
April P Bukas Crossing Guard $4,649 08-05-2016
Marie Therese Gordon Crossing Guard $4,487 01-05-2015
Edward Henry Knoll Crossing Guard $4,458 08-07-2013
Kenneth R Metzger Crossing Guard $4,457 08-07-2013
Diane S Zevenhouse Crossing Guard $4,453 08-18-1999
Louise A Lewis Crossing Guard $4,390 09-14-2007
Dolores M Rambatt Crossing Guard $4,359 04-17-2000
Viola Morton Crossing Guard $4,342 05-16-2011
Robert T Harling Crossing Guard $4,281 08-18-1999
Daniel F Mankowski Crossing Guard $4,261 08-23-2011
Debra S Rodriguez Crossing Guard $3,822 08-08-2012
Emory L Coe Crossing Guard $3,687 02-10-2016
Kirk D Christenberry Crossing Guard $3,201 08-16-2016
Pamela Somodi Crossing Guard $3,089 04-06-2011
Elsie Darlene Dooley Crossing Guard $2,940 04-10-2017
Nancy Maria Sams Crossing Guard $2,841 02-20-2008
David William Malone Crossing Guard $2,372 04-16-2012
Don D Gotsch Crossing Guard $2,216 08-17-2017
Henry Lee Mahone Crossing Guard $2,205 08-23-2017
Marijo K Gauthier Crossing Guard $2,113 08-14-2012
Leslie Louise Garner Crossing Guard $1,391 03-08-2016
Sherrie P Sullivan Crossing Guard $1,227 10-16-2017
Dorothy M Wilson Crossing Guard $1,078 09-07-2016
Maryruth B Baygents Crossing Guard $708 08-23-2017
Cecelia M Richards Crossing Guard $85 05-06-2015

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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