Berta A Barriera


Berta A Barriera earned $85,190 in 2017 as a Bilingual Teacher for Chicago Public Schools Henry D Lloyd School. Barriera had worked in this position since August 19, 2000.

Barriera earned more than 68.69% of employees in Chicago Public Schools Henry D Lloyd School.

Other Bilingual Teachers at Chicago Public Schools Henry D Lloyd School

Name Position Salary Start Date
Aura Jeanette Catalan Bilingual Teacher $100,770 02-28-2000
Uriel Javier Gallo Bilingual Teacher $97,476 08-28-1996
Marvin Leonardo Blanco Bilingual Teacher $94,558 11-22-1999
Mauricio Alvarado Bilingual Teacher $92,915 02-12-2001
Josefa E Velez Bilingual Teacher $92,793 10-05-1999
Rosa Lida Asqui Bilingual Teacher $92,381 01-17-1991
Elba Iris Martir Bilingual Teacher $91,903 02-07-1994
Karen A Horvath Bilingual Teacher $90,678 11-18-2002
Josefina A Delgado Bilingual Teacher $90,244 08-04-2003
Mayra Noemi Wilson-Perez Bilingual Teacher $86,033 08-17-2000
Elizabeth Lopez Bilingual Teacher $85,837 09-03-1990
Juan Carlos Pinto Bilingual Teacher $85,432 01-08-2001
Susana Alvarado Bilingual Teacher $83,615 09-02-2004
Claudia Gorostieta Bilingual Teacher $83,569 08-31-2005
Rosa N Reyes Bilingual Teacher $83,352 08-22-2000
Ruth Ruiz Bilingual Teacher $82,207 08-17-2000
Lissette C Cruz Bilingual Teacher $81,186 07-11-2005
Rufina Martinez Bilingual Teacher $80,278 09-02-2004
Diane S Perez Bilingual Teacher $71,382 08-29-2007
Tomas Moreno Bilingual Teacher $68,631 08-04-2010
Soledad Munoz Bilingual Teacher $54,800 03-26-1984
Ashley Delgado Bilingual Teacher $46,125 01-17-2017
Carlos A Gonzalez Bilingual Teacher $37,060 02-02-2012

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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