Cathy R Wimms


Cathy R Wimms earned $23,136 in 2017 as a Watchman for City of Chicago Water Management. Wimms had worked in this position since August 15, 1990.

Wimms earned more than 3.40% of employees in City of Chicago Water Management.

Other Watchmans at City of Chicago Water Management

Name Position Salary Start Date
Iven Brown Watchman $52,738 10-14-2014
Jeffrey D Dixon Watchman $51,997 05-17-1982
Ypakka Montgomery Watchman $51,773 09-02-2014
Dawn Cruz Watchman $51,685 09-02-2014
Joseph J Cardinal Watchman $50,766 11-29-1999
Ken Jackson Watchman $50,586 09-02-2014
Yan L Mai Yau Watchman $49,897 02-16-2000
Roy Chuskas Watchman $49,691 07-02-2001
William G Parker Watchman $49,640 12-03-1998
Andrea S Barbee Watchman $49,568 04-03-2011
Thomas R Heery Watchman $49,226 07-20-2001
Delores M Newell Watchman $48,697 12-16-1996
Annie R Johnson Watchman $48,599 12-20-1999
Trina M Sorrell Watchman $48,464 04-15-1999
John J Stube Watchman $48,464 08-10-1995
Cynthia A Johnson Watchman $48,418 12-07-1998
Jack Camacho Watchman $48,367 07-09-2002
Roger C Bowman Watchman $48,217 06-22-2004
Edward B Norton Watchman $47,846 05-16-1990
Clear Huddleston Watchman $47,746 08-16-1993
Andrew J Galanos Watchman $47,708 02-16-2003
Stefan N Olenczuk Watchman $47,228 06-11-2003
Crystal Hernandez Watchman $47,020 10-14-2014
John Healy Watchman $46,574 09-02-2014
Jeremy J Street Watchman $46,465 04-01-1998
Jesus Morales Jr Watchman $46,321 06-17-1999
Gregory W Hartmann Watchman $46,304 09-16-1998
Ambrose Gentile Watchman $46,022 10-19-2000
Dominique Green Watchman $45,205 09-08-2014
Charles A Di Caro Watchman $45,129 06-18-2001
Brian P Dore Watchman $44,560 08-01-1994
John W Holden Jr Watchman $44,415 06-01-2006
Timothy J O Callaghan Watchman $42,716 06-21-1999
Marguerite M Mc Mahon Watchman $41,034 03-16-2000
Michael W Loudon Watchman $40,149 05-16-1990
Charles R Mcgill Watchman $39,094 09-01-2006
Robert I Hunley Iii Watchman $38,285 04-03-2012
Thomas S O Rourke Watchman $36,859 11-22-1993
Shannon D Vaile Watchman $36,640 08-24-2000
Cornelius Williams Watchman $33,154 09-29-2014
Raymond V Galvin Watchman $23,238 10-05-1987
Michelle M Lacey Watchman $9,809 08-16-1994
Bennye S Ward Watchman $9,095 08-03-1992
Marcia L Jones Watchman $3,693 06-19-2006

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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