Deborah M Essig


Deborah M Essig earned $69,157 in 2017 as a Regular Teacher for Chicago Public Schools Florence Nightingale School. Essig had worked in this position since August 06, 2012.

Essig earned more than 65.32% of employees in Chicago Public Schools Florence Nightingale School.

Other Regular Teachers at Chicago Public Schools Florence Nightingale School

Name Position Salary Start Date
Robin Kay Gonzalez Regular Teacher $105,776 07-01-1997
Nancy J Heil Regular Teacher $104,198 10-04-1999
Elizabeth Rose Thibeau Regular Teacher $98,373 09-03-1990
Arleen Damaris Baez Regular Teacher $96,533 01-04-1993
Beth Ann Brosius Regular Teacher $96,217 09-01-1995
Julie Ann Cook Regular Teacher $94,838 08-29-2001
Jeffrey Allen Senf Regular Teacher $91,736 08-19-1999
Emily Marie Cozzie Regular Teacher $90,605 05-06-2001
Dana Marie Angotti-Novick Regular Teacher $89,428 07-01-1994
Meaghan A Esposito Regular Teacher $88,804 11-30-2004
Virginia Mary Caponigro Regular Teacher $88,307 07-01-2002
Nancy A Lopez Regular Teacher $87,678 07-01-2003
Colleen Marie Cassidy Regular Teacher $87,146 07-01-1996
Jennifer Ann Mckee Regular Teacher $86,918 08-27-2001
Anne Marie Dempsey Regular Teacher $86,745 01-09-2006
Vanessa Hoff Regular Teacher $86,295 10-11-2004
Ingrid Christensen Regular Teacher $86,081 01-17-2005
Noelia Romero Regular Teacher $85,227 08-27-2003
Lilia Nava Regular Teacher $84,505 10-18-1999
Molly Casey Berglind Regular Teacher $84,430 08-25-1997
Jose Antonio Estela Regular Teacher $83,195 08-02-2004
Marie J Allen Regular Teacher $83,032 08-30-2006
Meghan E Safranek Regular Teacher $81,878 08-30-2006
Jennifer W. Zambie Regular Teacher $77,744 01-07-2002
Alexandra Perez Regular Teacher $72,055 11-23-1998
Lauren E Kullman Regular Teacher $68,580 08-19-2013
Augusta Cruz Regular Teacher $67,494 11-29-2005
Erik Cuevas Regular Teacher $65,054 08-31-2011
Patrick Crall Regular Teacher $62,845 04-06-2011
Jennifer L Berman Regular Teacher $62,432 09-14-2011
Steven Charles Rigik Regular Teacher $60,869 09-01-1996
Julie A Wollenberg Regular Teacher $44,464 10-04-1993
Brenden J Hayes Regular Teacher $33,529 08-25-2014
Stephen E Hetzel Regular Teacher $20,906 08-28-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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