Emily A Hansbrough


Emily A Hansbrough earned $55,073 in 2017 as a Regular Teacher for George Armstrong School. Hansbrough had worked for this employer since August 25, 2014.

Hansbrough earned more than 49.04% of employees in George Armstrong School.

Employment history for Emily A Hansbrough

Positions held

Position Base Salary Extra Pay Start Date Data year
Regular Teacher $55,073 Not reported 08-25-2014 2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

Other employees with the title Regular Teacher at George Armstrong School in 2017

Name Position Total Pay Start Date
Kathleen Esther Kriston Regular Teacher $95,080 08-20-1998
Liza Spyrakos-Coca Regular Teacher $94,010 02-28-1994
Amy Lynn Dayer Regular Teacher $93,210 09-01-1994
Anne Marie Aune Regular Teacher $92,481 03-17-1997
Jennifer Ann Kelly Regular Teacher $91,484 06-01-1992
Denise Pellikan Regular Teacher $91,252 08-28-2002
Anisa Khan Regular Teacher $91,162 09-19-1994
Doris M Portugal Regular Teacher $90,901 08-17-2000
Ninos T Khouchaba Regular Teacher $90,139 08-19-1999
Jennifer J Cabrera Regular Teacher $89,862 08-31-2005
Jacqueline Maldonado Regular Teacher $89,529 10-05-1998
Bridget Mary Sawchuk Regular Teacher $89,091 09-01-1995
Tori Alise Pickens Regular Teacher $88,340 08-20-1998
Albert J Lang Regular Teacher $88,217 09-18-2005
Karen Jean Janes Regular Teacher $86,435 10-25-1993
Caroline G De La Rosa Regular Teacher $85,930 02-23-2004
Dawn M Grandsart Regular Teacher $85,852 08-28-2002
Kimberly Joseph Regular Teacher $85,677 08-17-2000
Catalina Leon Regular Teacher $85,637 11-26-1990
Yvette Y Ishak Regular Teacher $85,622 04-04-1994
Bart Goldberg Regular Teacher $85,399 03-15-1999
Alison G Mays Regular Teacher $84,649 08-28-1996
Amy L Berenz Regular Teacher $83,796 11-29-2004
Laura Cristina Solomon Regular Teacher $83,318 08-19-1999
Lauren Ann Gray Regular Teacher $83,136 09-02-2004

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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