Florencia Govea


Florencia Govea earned $63,437 in 2017 as a Regular Teacher for Chicago Public Schools Al Raby High School. Govea had worked in this position since August 30, 2006.

Govea earned more than 77.42% of employees in Chicago Public Schools Al Raby High School.

Other Regular Teachers at Chicago Public Schools Al Raby High School

Name Position Salary Start Date
Ericka Nakia Hamilton Regular Teacher $85,257 08-28-2002
Matthew R Geesaman Regular Teacher $84,364 08-28-2002
Cristina Galvan Regular Teacher $80,369 09-02-2004
Tanya Roldan Regular Teacher $71,965 06-08-2009
Sarah M Houlihan Regular Teacher $70,270 12-03-2008
Elizabeth R Muller Regular Teacher $69,250 12-08-2011
John C Johnson Regular Teacher $64,492 03-05-2009
Madeline W. Peterson Regular Teacher $61,978 08-03-2011
Natasha L Robinson Regular Teacher $60,710 08-30-2012
Stephen A. Barendt Regular Teacher $59,772 06-06-2013
Scott Snyder Regular Teacher $59,394 08-21-2013
Adis Suljic Regular Teacher $56,930 08-06-2012
Abhishak Mantra Regular Teacher $56,047 04-28-2014
Teneisha Huley Regular Teacher $51,990 02-23-2016
Chennell J. Edwards Regular Teacher $49,752 03-28-2016
Rocio Calderon Regular Teacher $39,587 08-03-2011
Lateefa F Harland Young Regular Teacher $37,626 08-19-2013
Yessenia I. Arenas Regular Teacher $32,905 08-31-2015
Stephanie A Kodros Regular Teacher $30,854 08-29-2016
Jesse Holmes Regular Teacher $23,912 02-24-2017
Ryan Kaj Price Regular Teacher $22,409 08-15-2017
Mallory Hyneman Regular Teacher $22,079 08-28-2017
Sherry M Franklin Regular Teacher $21,360 08-28-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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