James A Lavoy


James A Lavoy earned $233,110 in 2017 as a Captain for City of Chicago Department Of Police. Lavoy had worked in this position since December 16, 1991.

Lavoy earned more than 99.89% of employees in City of Chicago Department Of Police.

Other Captains at City of Chicago Department Of Police

Name Position Salary Start Date
Eric R Olson Captain $217,789 05-02-1994
Don J Jerome Captain $209,705 05-31-1994
Marc K Moore Captain $200,477 12-26-1989
Paul A Kane Captain $198,787 03-26-1990
Kevin B Navarro Captain $197,724 06-16-1986
John K Riordan Captain $194,104 09-08-1986
Joseph E Brennan Captain $189,087 11-22-1993
Daniel F O Shea Captain $185,333 07-07-1997
Melvin Roman Captain $184,845 03-26-1990
Beth A Giltmier Captain $184,793 03-26-1990
Dennis P Walsh Captain $183,795 08-11-1986
Steven A Sesso Captain $181,187 12-13-1993
David G Harris Captain $180,009 07-08-1996
Roderick D Robinson Captain $178,100 06-29-1992
Terrence G Mc Mahon Captain $177,775 06-16-1986
John C Ryan Captain $176,883 11-22-1993
Hootan N Bahmandeji Captain $176,434 03-26-1990
Augustina M Gonzalez Captain $176,328 02-03-1986
Phillip Leibas Sr Captain $175,185 10-13-1986
Paul E Kusinski Captain $174,489 02-14-1983
Thomas E Karnick Captain $173,736 06-16-1986
Carlos M Mostek Captain $172,850 07-19-1982
Kevin B Anderson Captain $171,009 12-16-1985
Robert H Klich Captain $170,513 08-30-1982
Brian P Mc Dermott Captain $170,486 09-06-1994
Margaret A Sears Captain $169,970 12-07-1987
Kevin M Chambers Captain $168,745 03-27-1991
Karyn Murphy Captain $167,641 08-11-1986
Penelope J Trahanas Captain $167,570 09-08-1986
Sean G Joyce Captain $162,766 05-31-1994
Philip L Kwasinski Captain $161,743 06-16-1986
Eve M Gushes Captain $160,012 03-26-1990
Thomas P Shouse Captain $155,639 03-26-1990
Michael N Ryan Captain $154,166 08-30-1982
Jacqueline F Ellison Captain $146,166 10-13-1986
Martin E Ryczek Captain $80,490 07-01-1985
Laurel A Bresnahan Captain $79,953 11-29-1982
Mark C Marianovich Captain $71,933 02-02-1987
Brian J Daly Captain $69,268 08-30-1982
Nancy Y Lipman Captain $58,426 09-09-1985
Kenneth Angarone Captain $53,451 06-08-1981
Michael A Alexander Captain $50,761 08-30-1982
Juan Morado Captain $32,571 07-15-1979
Ruth R Wedster Captain $947 09-08-1986
Lupe Pena Captain $750 06-16-1986
Edward Denk Captain $9 06-23-1980

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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