Jeffrey W Langguth


Jeffrey W Langguth earned $80,756 in 2017 as an Employee for Mount Prospect Park District Golf Course Pro Shop. Langguth had worked in this position since September 07, 1994.

Langguth earned more than 100.00% of employees in Mount Prospect Park District Golf Course Pro Shop.

Other Employees at Mount Prospect Park District Golf Course Pro Shop

Name Position Salary Start Date
Darin C Douglas Employee $77,367 08-08-2002
Debra R Cromie Employee $47,987 12-10-2011
Kevin J Druffel Employee $18,130 08-01-2016
Tyler E Graham Employee $15,481 01-08-2011
Amy E Graham Employee $10,774 08-10-2010
Eric L Nordstrom Employee $5,418 03-20-2009
Kenneth W Panek Employee $4,287 03-06-2017
Jason R Domnanovich Employee $4,249 03-17-2016
Jonathan R Branch Employee $3,917 03-17-2016
Patrick J Fusilero Employee $3,449 03-17-2016
Bennie M Okamoto Employee $3,270 04-12-2017
Kevin T Placko Employee $2,943 03-06-2017
Jake C Bell Employee $2,829 03-20-2017
Francis M Griffin Employee $2,060 03-27-2007
Matthew M Wiertel Employee $1,937 08-15-2016
James G Dejulio Employee $1,914 03-24-2017
Quinn T Benson Employee $1,760 08-08-2016
Alf E Skulstad Employee $1,700 02-28-2004
Daniel J Frank Employee $1,520 03-16-2006
Timothy Schaap Employee $1,286 05-20-1993
Joseph W Bunzol Employee $1,087 04-11-2006
Katelyn A Branch Employee $995 08-14-2017
Alfred J Weinberg Employee $689 06-28-2016
James R Oken Employee $400 04-11-2016
Daniel P Conroy Employee $376 11-07-2016
Wayne A White Employee $256 02-09-2002
Michael J Trachsel Employee $199 08-13-2010

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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