Jennifer Ann Egan


Jennifer Ann Egan earned $54,911 in 2017 as a Regular Teacher for Charles P Steinmetz Academic C. Egan had worked for this employer since August 29, 2001.

Egan earned more than 32.30% of employees in Charles P Steinmetz Academic C.

Employment history for Jennifer Ann Egan

Positions held

Position Base Salary Extra Pay Start Date Data year
Regular Teacher $54,911 Not reported 08-29-2001 2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

Other employees with the title Regular Teacher at Charles P Steinmetz Academic C in 2017

Name Position Total Pay Start Date
Robin Rae Russo Regular Teacher $115,198 03-08-1993
Brad Joseph Dowling Regular Teacher $105,381 08-28-1996
Renato Ivan Roldan Regular Teacher $100,839 08-31-1998
Nico John Kotcherha-Campora Regular Teacher $99,873 04-03-1995
Marie Inez Chaparro Regular Teacher $99,666 09-01-1994
Halina Irena Kokoszka Regular Teacher $97,738 08-17-2000
Miguel J Ochoa Regular Teacher $97,565 08-25-1997
Davoud Chitsaztehrani Regular Teacher $97,480 08-19-1999
Lorraine Leflore Frierson Regular Teacher $96,491 01-09-1995
Paul A Bagdonas Regular Teacher $96,331 08-29-2001
Ernest Frank Mitropoulos Regular Teacher $94,573 03-09-1992
Michael Edwards Regular Teacher $94,417 12-02-1991
Abel Augusto Pereyra Regular Teacher $94,074 08-29-2001
Judith A Eichstaedt Regular Teacher $92,875 04-07-2003
Tara Saey Dunne Regular Teacher $92,428 08-19-1999
Justin Leon Everage Regular Teacher $90,787 06-18-2007
Marcie E Buckmaster Regular Teacher $90,713 10-07-2002
Maribeth Ward Regular Teacher $90,560 08-28-2002
Elizabeth M Zaluba Regular Teacher $90,525 09-01-1994
Elizabeth J Perez Regular Teacher $89,896 08-27-2003
Jason Aaron Mink Regular Teacher $88,749 08-28-2002
Zulma Rivera Regular Teacher $88,577 08-17-2000
John Joonho Oh Regular Teacher $88,285 09-05-1988
Seth David Patner Regular Teacher $87,497 09-01-1994
Gina Szulkowski Regular Teacher $87,420 10-31-1994

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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