Lisa L Bradley


Lisa L Bradley earned $66,742 in 2017 as a Telecommunicator for Glenview Vmo Joint Dispatch. Bradley had worked in this position since January 26, 2014.

Bradley earned more than 48.21% of employees in Glenview Vmo Joint Dispatch.

Other Telecommunicators at Glenview Vmo Joint Dispatch

Name Position Salary Start Date
Ernest J Banac Telecommunicator $165,741 01-28-2002
Michael J Karp Telecommunicator $150,295 12-26-1989
Jack Stopka Telecommunicator $139,076 06-02-2008
Ronald L Russell Telecommunicator $126,473 12-26-1989
Michael Koffski Telecommunicator $124,924 11-29-2004
Deborah L Mazur Telecommunicator $120,376 05-06-2009
John C Cossarek Telecommunicator $108,432 08-19-2014
Kirstin Stieglitz Telecommunicator $105,476 05-06-2009
Kristen M Missen Telecommunicator $93,582 06-27-2014
Christine D Miller Telecommunicator $89,653 07-15-2015
Thomas J Perfect Telecommunicator $83,529 01-07-2013
Neva L Lewis Telecommunicator $82,029 02-11-2013
Tanya Y Hamilton Telecommunicator $81,372 07-17-2014
Patrick J Brennan Telecommunicator $79,329 01-07-2013
Taylor M Gallardo Telecommunicator $78,931 02-03-2015
Alia F Shukur Telecommunicator $78,106 10-10-2014
Christina M Garcia Telecommunicator $75,467 08-19-2014
Jennifer M Richardson Telecommunicator $72,130 07-15-2015
Melinda Dragicevich Telecommunicator $69,716 05-06-2009
John N Yaou Telecommunicator $68,526 08-19-2014
Jennifer C Kniskern Telecommunicator $66,253 08-19-2014
Tracy L Spevacek Telecommunicator $65,464 01-14-2016
Joshua R Aderholt Telecommunicator $65,444 01-14-2016
Tammy J Dettloff Telecommunicator $65,250 08-01-2016
Megan L Robbins Telecommunicator $64,306 01-14-2016
Meagan E Dionesotes Telecommunicator $59,393 08-01-2016
Margaret A Check Telecommunicator $46,125 04-10-2017
Debbie Steil Telecommunicator $25,592 01-01-1983
Daniel J Wagner Telecommunicator $23,859 07-31-2017
Christina S Hong Telecommunicator $22,367 07-31-2017
Cecille G Salazar Telecommunicator $20,812 01-16-2017
Michael Lovi Telecommunicator $14,351 07-31-2017
Antonia Lake Telecommunicator $14,270 07-31-2017
Brittany M Molinari Telecommunicator $6,514 11-13-2017
Anetra D Rodgers Telecommunicator $6,514 11-13-2017
Simone Z Brown Telecommunicator $5,775 11-13-2017
Roger Roane Telecommunicator $3,200 06-19-2017
Nicole K Valerio Telecommunicator $2,289 12-04-2017
Tashay S Nunez Telecommunicator $2,214 12-04-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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