Lisa M Helzing


Lisa M Helzing earned $19,567 in 2017 as an Employee for Mount Prospect Park District Cultural Arts. Helzing had worked in this position since August 23, 2012.

Helzing earned more than 97.92% of employees in Mount Prospect Park District Cultural Arts.

Other Employees at Mount Prospect Park District Cultural Arts

Name Position Salary Start Date
Amy Hubert Employee $45,235 10-02-1997
Rachel E Vogeney Employee $14,992 09-14-2015
Caryn Hobbs Employee $12,839 05-31-2000
Kimberly A Klinger Employee $12,179 02-16-2011
Linda E Berry Employee $10,542 10-22-2005
Elizabeth J Sullo Employee $9,639 02-24-2005
Kirsten M Markham Employee $9,572 04-21-2017
Victoria Baron Employee $9,350 09-01-1974
Molly F Strom Employee $8,021 03-10-2010
Erica A Bavone Employee $7,433 06-15-2012
Ryan T Yueill Employee $6,898 07-23-2009
Hugh M Adams Employee $6,000 01-01-2016
Susan L Lloyd Employee $5,681 09-17-1997
Joan Franzen Employee $5,256 09-01-1992
Tara L Schulz Employee $5,193 09-15-1999
Rebecca J Menarik Employee $5,159 09-19-2016
Brian C Humpherys Employee $5,004 09-24-2013
Susan E Churchill Employee $4,921 09-11-2012
Gabrielle A Cwanek Employee $3,416 10-24-2013
Jeffrey A Blume Employee $2,992 05-02-2004
Madison M Moon Employee $2,926 06-24-2016
Chris R Lufitz Employee $2,581 06-19-2005
Mackenzie P Burgess Employee $2,572 07-01-2016
Sandra J Smolenski Employee $2,556 07-28-2004
Samantha L Wallenberg Employee $2,412 10-31-2013
Allison M Bavone Employee $1,940 10-21-2010
Dominick Depaolo Employee $1,756 04-24-2017
Mara E Leane Employee $1,691 06-15-2012
Colleen Kaminski Employee $1,654 06-03-2015
Emma A Knott Employee $1,535 10-05-2015
Joyce S Smith Employee $1,434 06-11-2010
Alexandra T Recht Employee $1,332 06-22-2015
Eileen M Sledz Employee $1,289 11-03-2014
Mitchell D Tapia Employee $1,241 06-13-2015
Vanessa M Maxwell Employee $1,227 11-08-2012
Sarah A Inorio Employee $1,220 06-16-2014
Stella G Spiridonova Employee $1,111 08-15-2016
Olivia H Wagner Employee $977 06-08-2017
Nina M Astorino Employee $926 06-24-2016
Katelyn H Reyes Employee $825 09-04-2017
Deanna N Cipek Employee $752 08-08-2016
Gianna N Honcharuk Employee $733 12-08-2014
Lisa C Borawski Employee $448 07-20-2011
Giana L Galle Employee $443 06-16-2014
Joanna K Stasiek Employee $403 09-30-2011
Nicole A Tortorello Employee $214 09-09-2015
Katherine E Duray Employee $134 05-05-2017
Laura M Berigan Employee $97 10-16-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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