Robert A Wojtowicz


Robert A Wojtowicz earned $125,923 in 2017 as a Police Sworn for Streamwood Police. Wojtowicz had worked in this position since January 06, 2005.

Wojtowicz earned more than 96.55% of employees in Streamwood Police.

Other Police Sworns at Streamwood Police

Name Position Salary Start Date
Juan M Carrillo Police Sworn $123,912 09-08-2005
Franklin O Moreno Police Sworn $122,113 09-25-2008
Mary D Kosartes Police Sworn $118,735 02-04-2009
Henry J Bradtke Police Sworn $117,187 01-10-2002
William P Husfield Police Sworn $115,836 05-06-1989
Eric A Pagels Police Sworn $114,476 07-06-2005
Stephen G Kisch Police Sworn $114,339 01-06-1992
Collin P Klein Police Sworn $114,267 09-09-2013
Douglas J Knoll Police Sworn $114,039 01-07-2013
Garrick J Yurgil Police Sworn $113,204 05-08-1997
Peter M Woolsey Jr Police Sworn $113,005 01-06-2005
Thomas A Sparks Police Sworn $110,438 07-16-2001
Courtney E Stoiber Police Sworn $110,367 09-02-2003
Brian R Kustra Police Sworn $109,996 01-06-2005
Laura J Siedleski Police Sworn $109,388 05-02-1996
Daniel R Fischer Police Sworn $108,634 05-05-2000
Matthew J McLean Police Sworn $108,139 01-09-2003
Daniel J Spychalski Police Sworn $106,333 01-08-1998
Ryan S Ruthenberg Police Sworn $106,152 05-05-1995
Cristina Hayden Police Sworn $105,911 10-22-2008
Matt J Stastny Police Sworn $103,919 04-27-1987
Edward G Polaski III Police Sworn $103,471 05-06-2004
Ronald J Kirchner Police Sworn $103,043 01-08-1998
Alexander L Jozefowski Police Sworn $103,019 04-05-2007
Steven J Sachen Police Sworn $102,894 09-22-2011
Joseph R King Police Sworn $101,443 02-01-1993
Craig E McPherson Police Sworn $94,728 01-06-2014
David J Papay Police Sworn $94,530 04-26-1993
Alexander M Galuszka Police Sworn $93,683 01-06-2014
Steven E Unger Police Sworn $92,503 01-06-2014
Sean P Stretch Police Sworn $90,563 10-05-2015
Sebastian Cardenas Jr Police Sworn $88,632 01-06-2014
Timothy J Breslin Police Sworn $87,479 09-26-2014
Jeffery M Miljan Police Sworn $85,719 03-30-2015
Dennis R Oshea Police Sworn $84,197 09-28-2015
Kyle M Skopek Police Sworn $84,160 03-25-2016
Christopher T Ciaciura Police Sworn $84,136 05-06-2016
Alex G Homfeldt Police Sworn $83,354 01-05-2015
Daniel E Jagielko Police Sworn $80,792 09-02-2016
Benjamin J Steinmetz Police Sworn $76,384 03-28-2014
Sooyong Youn Police Sworn $50,391 04-28-2017
Rachael E Gravedoni Police Sworn $47,394 05-05-2017
Timothy E Brady Police Sworn $47,337 05-05-2017
Michael R Carey Police Sworn $38,713 06-23-2017
Garrett D Okeefe Police Sworn $19,259 09-15-2017
Douglas T Robertson Police Sworn $18,384 09-15-2017
Raymond T Yendro Police Sworn $18,105 01-09-2003
Daniel Lojewski Police Sworn $8,945 09-02-2016
Louis T Argyrakis Police Sworn $5,481 05-05-1995
Justin S Mazeikis Police Sworn $938 05-06-2016
Claudio C Mercado Police Sworn $806 08-23-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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