Sheroz R Jimenez


Sheroz R Jimenez earned $124,419 in 2017 as a Laborer for City of Chicago Fleet & Facilities Mgmt . Jimenez had worked in this position since May 16, 1990.

Jimenez earned more than 99.15% of employees in City of Chicago Fleet & Facilities Mgmt .

Other Laborers at City of Chicago Fleet & Facilities Mgmt

Name Position Salary Start Date
Christophe J Franco Laborer $104,279 07-01-1999
Wilson Rodriguez Laborer $98,530 08-05-1997
Dino J Valenti Laborer $95,354 10-04-1994
Edward H Vazquez Laborer $94,962 07-19-2004
Frederick Jones Laborer $93,736 09-08-1982
Daniel R Carpenter Jr Laborer $93,329 07-01-1993
Anthony E Acres Laborer $92,887 06-23-1997
Shawn M Mahon Laborer $91,299 06-11-1991
William M Powers Laborer $90,993 02-25-1978
Kenneth D Patrick Laborer $88,490 01-28-1991
John P O Sullivan Laborer $86,651 07-21-1997
John T Wojcik Laborer $86,591 01-23-1978
Roger L Brandt Laborer $86,139 07-30-1981
Francisco Orozco Laborer $85,475 01-16-1998
Edward Temores Laborer $83,938 11-01-1990
Samuel M Bonet Laborer $83,455 08-09-1995
Daniel A Bischoff Laborer $82,822 07-16-1993
Roy Love Laborer $80,621 05-11-1998
Steven M Ivy Laborer $70,028 05-17-2005
Jerome Ross Laborer $36,938 03-18-2013
Timothy R Hickey Laborer $34,431 07-19-2004
Pedro Avila Laborer $29,160 08-16-2017
Orlando Evans Laborer $23,839 09-05-2017
Darius Harmon Laborer $10,613 11-01-2017

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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