Spandana Pappu


Spandana Pappu earned $85,297 in 2018 as an Environmental Chemist for Monitoring & Research. Pappu had worked for this employer since May 27, 2009.

Pappu earned more than 48.19% of employees in Monitoring & Research.

Employment history for Spandana Pappu

Positions held

Position Base Salary Extra Pay Start Date Data year
Environmental Chemist $68,418 $16,879 05-27-2009 2018
Laboratory Technician II $66,544 $21,858 05-27-2009 2017

Data year: 2018 (Source)

Comparing total pay per year


Overall Net Change in Total Pay


+ 2.81%
Overall Net Change in Base Salary


Net Change in Extra Pay

Other employees with the title Environmental Chemist at Monitoring & Research in 2018

Name Position Total Pay Start Date
Sam Cosentino Environmental Chemist $119,877 02-24-1997
Minaxi Patel Environmental Chemist $119,832 06-15-1988
Tasneem Abdussalam Environmental Chemist $118,114 12-08-1993
Eileen Simon Environmental Chemist $118,100 04-20-1992
John Szafoni Environmental Chemist $115,815 06-08-1998
Anjana Patel Environmental Chemist $113,514 04-14-1999
Tyronne Wadley Environmental Chemist $105,653 08-03-1998
Lesley Webb Environmental Chemist $104,393 05-23-1988
Dinubhai Patel Environmental Chemist $101,769 12-17-2001
Victoria Miller Environmental Chemist $98,828 10-04-2004
Lydenia Hickerson Environmental Chemist $98,512 11-01-2004
Marvin Banal Environmental Chemist $94,962 02-21-2007
Robin Johnson Environmental Chemist $94,590 01-28-2002
Nataliya Starikovskaya Environmental Chemist $92,909 01-02-2002
Kevin Kozak Environmental Chemist $83,839 07-13-2015
Shakeela Qureshi Environmental Chemist $80,747 06-27-1988
Justin Monroe Environmental Chemist $78,362 06-01-2015

Data year: 2018 (Source)

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