Vaishali Patel


Vaishali Patel earned $24,289 in 2017 as a Cashier Ii for Cook County Clerk of Court. Patel had worked in this position since April 03, 2017.

Patel earned more than 2.14% of employees in Cook County Clerk of Court.

Other Cashier Iis at Cook County Clerk of Court

Name Position Salary Start Date
Ismeralda Saucedo Cashier Ii $45,026 10-21-2001
Pamela K Taylor Cashier Ii $44,702 06-23-2008
Kimberly L White Cashier Ii $44,607 05-17-2006
Gina V James Cashier Ii $44,607 05-31-2006
Alan T Hunt Cashier Ii $44,607 10-17-2005
Danita Y Hill Cashier Ii $44,607 07-12-2004
Berhane H Ijigu Cashier Ii $44,607 07-12-2004
Karen Y Jackson Cashier Ii $44,586 06-27-2006
Monica F Sugar Cashier Ii $44,434 06-16-2003
Elizabeth Powell Cashier Ii $44,431 06-30-2003
Arti R Makwana Cashier Ii $44,261 10-03-2005
Linda Agu Cashier Ii $43,846 05-17-2006
Smita Patel Cashier Ii $43,548 11-13-2007
Tareem R Gibbs Cashier Ii $43,435 04-28-2008
David L Allen Cashier Ii $43,409 04-26-2010
Geneva T Hill Cashier Ii $43,409 07-23-2008
Jessica M Pimentel Cashier Ii $43,072 06-22-2009
Shehnaz Merchant Cashier Ii $43,072 11-28-2007
Clifvette L Berry Cashier Ii $42,953 07-10-2008
Esther M Zepeda Cashier Ii $42,736 07-29-2002
Fetrice M Wilson Cashier Ii $42,411 10-17-2005
Latrice Jones Cashier Ii $42,115 08-26-2002
Nayana R Trivedi Cashier Ii $41,891 07-12-2004
William M. Kiolbassa Cashier Ii $41,776 07-20-2009
Tiffanni Y Human Cashier Ii $41,756 05-15-2006
Joni Raspberry Cashier Ii $41,711 05-13-2008
Shakira Saul Cashier Ii $40,302 02-10-2003
Vithalbhai A Patel Cashier Ii $40,022 04-14-2008
Bhumika Shah Cashier Ii $39,390 04-26-2010
Sonal Joshi Cashier Ii $37,465 08-24-2014
Presita L May Cashier Ii $37,387 09-15-2008
Pamella Coffey Cashier Ii $37,139 08-24-2014
Tereka Dunn Piggee Cashier Ii $36,879 09-08-2014
Nathena Gilchrist Cashier Ii $35,910 07-27-2015
Christopher Anaele Cashier Ii $34,369 07-25-2016
Harikrashna Trivedi Cashier Ii $34,019 08-24-2014
Lateefah Branch Cashier Ii $33,603 08-10-2015
Henry P Anselmo II Cashier Ii $33,287 07-24-2014
Angela L Stewart Cashier Ii $32,351 08-30-2002
Paris J Jackson Cashier Ii $32,069 05-29-2001
Tajuana D Campbell Cashier Ii $31,230 10-17-2005
Henry J Waldman Cashier Ii $6,779 09-03-1999

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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