Veronica Rivas


Veronica Rivas earned $24,307 in 2017 as an Interpreter/Pdm for Cook County Office Of The Chief Judge. Rivas had worked in this position since November 24, 2014.

Rivas earned more than 11.14% of employees in Cook County Office Of The Chief Judge.

Other Interpreter/Pdms at Cook County Office Of The Chief Judge

Name Position Salary Start Date
Rafael H Berrios Jr Interpreter/Pdm $40,315 05-09-1999
Daisy De La Rosa Interpreter/Pdm $36,990 07-15-2013
Claudia Perez Interpreter/Pdm $35,726 06-19-2006
Yadira Esparza Interpreter/Pdm $34,056 07-15-2013
Maria Mendez Interpreter/Pdm $32,847 05-02-2016
Monica Acevedo Interpreter/Pdm $30,803 07-05-2011
Carmen B Kennedy Interpreter/Pdm $30,108 07-21-2014
Dennis G Martinez Interpreter/Pdm $29,521 10-03-2011
Gennady Spektor Interpreter/Pdm $28,469 02-01-1999
Cynthia M Carrasco Interpreter/Pdm $28,404 07-21-2014
Eva Naser Interpreter/Pdm $28,196 02-02-2009
Mirna Rivera Interpreter/Pdm $27,895 06-19-2006
Maribel F Huerta Interpreter/Pdm $25,340 07-15-2013
Carmen Guzman-Muelling Interpreter/Pdm $25,286 07-21-2014
Marzena Wartalska Interpreter/Pdm $25,153 01-03-1999
Raouf F Boulos Interpreter/Pdm $24,891 11-04-2013
Veronica Becerril Interpreter/Pdm $24,734 07-15-2013
Veronica M Villanueva Interpreter/Pdm $22,367 07-15-2013
Lidia M Ausbrook Interpreter/Pdm $19,293 01-03-1999
Hsiaohuei Lin Interpreter/Pdm $17,560 10-23-2000
Martha Z Gerald Interpreter/Pdm $17,535 07-15-2013
Henry S Cheung Interpreter/Pdm $16,509 11-09-2009
Agatha A Fedulow Interpreter/Pdm $15,890 01-16-1999
Damaris L Luna Interpreter/Pdm $14,486 01-03-1999
Olga Bezzubov Interpreter/Pdm $11,660 01-03-1999
Suzana Glogic Interpreter/Pdm $11,575 03-30-2009
Patricia M Kim Interpreter/Pdm $9,347 01-03-1999
Maria Nikolich Interpreter/Pdm $8,812 01-03-1999
Bakhtavar C Press Interpreter/Pdm $7,856 05-10-2010
Toni Martic Interpreter/Pdm $7,582 06-22-2002
Ramsey Bacerott Interpreter/Pdm $6,589 09-16-2008
Irene B Ishoo Interpreter/Pdm $6,157 03-29-2010
Valentina Mostipan Interpreter/Pdm $6,015 04-12-1999
Yoyo Yong B Kim Interpreter/Pdm $5,071 07-01-2002
Ann S Green Interpreter/Pdm $3,421 01-03-1999
Jurgita Lafortune Interpreter/Pdm $2,556 02-02-2009
Cyrus Press Interpreter/Pdm $1,633 03-30-2009
Alicja Heskin Interpreter/Pdm $1,555 01-03-1999
Annamarie Antchev Interpreter/Pdm $406 06-22-2002

Data year: 2017 (Source)

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